Why Attend Our Expo Series?

Simply said.... It's The Neatest "55+ Generation Active Adult" event of its kind.! Its focus is on the lifestyle and active aging for baby boomers and seniors. Come out to meet area health providers and services. Learn about emerging wellness trends and healthy products. Take a trip down memory lane! This event is rife with possibilities to help stay active and vibrant!

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Join other standout vendors, innovative products, interactive services and unique consumer experiences all together for one day! Be part of the “new” lifestyle event attendees are heading to help them live a healthier lifstyle... for them and their families.

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Expo Prizes

Each attendee will receive a ticket sub at registration table. Fill it out. Every hour a new prize will be announced. Must be present to receive your prize.

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Behind The W.H.A.T Expo

The W.H.A.T. Expo series is part of the Brand Ambassador Select brand. We build connections and collaborations across five platforms. - Events, Brand Representation, Podcasting, Product Reviews and Networking. Our boutique company began in 2018 coordinating lifestyle events for corporate America and different communities. We later began providing superior brand representation at the retail and corporate levels. Since April 2020 we produce and host the highly respected Brand Ambassador Select Podcast showcasing new and established brands and products while featuring industry movers and makers. We also created and continue to grow Select Podcast Guests, the one stop membership network site bringing together podcasters, brands, and guests. Since January 2021 we became the reputable product review source products reach out for honest, trusted and insightful product reviews. June 2021 we are back to doing what we are known for – live in person events. With so much more to offer products and services we continue to focus on the Limitless Possibilities while building a better tomorrow.

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